Entrance requirements


To be eligible for admission to RMA, an individual must

•  Be of good moral character

•  Demonstrate a sincere desire to become a professional massage therapist

•  Possess a high school diploma GED or has the ability to benefit from training offered 

• For the ability to benefit candidates: A partial restoration of ATB program that allows students who haven't earned a high school diploma, or GED to enroll and get massage training


RMA provides a revolving curriculum which enables students to enroll for classes beginning the first Monday of each month. 

Transfer Credit Students transferring from out- of -state massage program that is approved by the equivalent agency in that state may, at the school's discretion, receive credit towards the completion of the student learning objectives.

The source requirement hours as follows:

 - Hour -for- hour credit as applies to each of the WA minimum recognized creditable hours in each course, as verified by the last student monthly report; and 

- Student learning, objective credit after successfully demonstrating to the school that the objectives have been met. 

The school transferring hours will transfer to the student to report the form , in appropriate, Categories by courses, the hours accepted. 

A transfer student is allowed into the program after it begins since the school provides a revolving curriculum